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District Energy Space is IDEA's annual compilation of the number of buildings and their area in square feet that have been committed or recommitted to district energy service by IDEA member systems during the previous calendar year. In conjunction with the annual publication, IDEA acknowledges District Energy Systems contributing the highest growth in North America and Beyond North America with annual District Energy Space awards. 


District Energy Space 2021 - Submit Now!

With your help, we can show the world how invaluable district energy systems are.

Submit your 2021 building and square footage data so that we can build on our momentum, and show the world the importance of district energy. IDEA will award Gold, Silver and Bronze awards in the Most Buildings Added and Most Square Footage Added categories for North America and Beyond North America.

The deadline to submit your data is Friday April 1, 2022. Please send completed forms to Sarah Theurkauf at sarah.idea@districtenergy.org. Stand up and be counted!

Submission Form - North America
Submission Form - Beyond North America
Submission  Certification Form
Submission Instructions

We have revealed the 2020 District Energy Space Gold, Silver and Bronze winners for Most Total Buildings Added and Most Square Footage added in North America and Beyond North America categories. 

2020 DE Space Winners

Read the District Energy Space Report for 2020

District Energy Space Submission Forms

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