Other Industry Events

Other Industry Events

Energy Sector Transformation
Ever-Green Energy
Thursday, October 8, 11:00am-12:00pm CST

Ever-Green Energy works at the intersection of proven and emerging technology, an important balance as the energy industry continues to see an unprecedented rate of change. The October webinar will explore this transformation through the lens of two visionary industry leaders.

Ken Smith, president and CEO of Ever-Green Energy
Rao Konidena, Rakon Energy LLC


Konidena and Smith will offer their perspectives on the emerging trends in the industry, as the pathway to decarbonization becomes more critical.

It is clear that the integration of renewables is transforming the electric sector and subsequently the transportation sector through vehicle electrification. But as progress takes hold in these areas, what will the next wave of change bring? Industry experts are turning their focus to decarbonizing the thermal sectors and integrating the behind the scenes technologies and policies that will make deeper and more sustainable change possible.

As the electrical energy system transforms to become less carbon intensive and more responsive and resilient, we will see electrification gain momentum as a strategy to achieve environmental objectives. Proponents of this strategy are promoting a shift of the overall energy system to dependence on the electric grid or energy islands (microgrids) that are self-reliant with their own, isolatable electric infrastructure. But what other changes will be needed to make this possible and affordable? How will solutions such as hydrogen and renewable gas factor into infrastructure planning? Will renewable fuels or behind the scenes controls play a larger factor in decarbonizing delivered energy? Our speakers will take on some of these big questions and offer their insights into the incredible dynamics and potential of the energy industry.

Discussion topics:

  • Grid transformation
  • Electrification
  • The role of district energy in electrification
  • Renewable thermal energy
  • Market sensitivities and anticipated triggers
  • Energy policy
  • Distributed energy
  • Dynamic load modeling and grid flexibility
  • Community-scale energy systems and planning
  • Emerging and disruptive technology

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Other Industry Events

The National Academies of Sciences-Engineering-Medicine
Energy Master Planning for Resilient Public Communities Virtual Training
October 13-16, 2020

Until recently, energy systems for new facilities have been planned on an individual basis without consideration for how those energy choices might impact future energy generation needs across the entire community. Now, many communities across the world are formulating energy master plans that will coordinate ongoing and future energy initiatives to minimize energy use, reduce costs, increase the diversity of energy supply, and prioritize resilience to potential energy disruptions.

Join us for a virtual training workshop to hear from energy experts from around the world on how federal and military installations can successfully create and implement energy master plans. Presentations and moderated discussions will include numerous case studies describing ongoing and completed projects at military installations, university campuses, and other public communities from across the globe.

Who should attend?
This workshop is designed for decision-makers, planners, energy managers, engineers, architects, energy performance companies, and industry partners involved in community-wide energy projects.

This workshop is organized by the National Academies’ Federal Facilities Council and the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center's Construction Engineering Research Laboratory.

The Training Workshop will address the following topics:
 Community energy plans
 Establishing energy requirements, goals, and constraints
 Data required for energy planning
 Scope and boundaries of an energy master plan
 Establishing the baseline, base case and alternatives
 Mission critical facilities and their energy requirements
 -Energy supply strategies
 Power and thermal energy microgrids for mission critical facilities
 Resilience of energy systems
 Thermal energy systems resilience in extreme climates
 Multi-criteria decision analysis
 Tools for community-wide energy planning
 Implementation strategies
 Business and financial models for the implementation of energy master plans
 Examples of best practices

Register at: https://ffc-energy-master-planning-2020.eventbrite.com.

For questions about registration or meeting logistics, please contact Jim Myska at jmyska@nas.edu. For technical questions regarding the training workshop,please contact Dr. Alexander Zhivov, U.S. Army ERDC-CERL, at Alexander.M.Zhivov@usace.army.mil.

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