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The Second Quarter 2023 issue of District Energy magazine is now available online. Members will also receive the printed magazine via mail. As always, District Energy highlights innovative work being done by IDEA members in North America and beyond.

Please note our recent expansion of the magazine's "In case you missed it" section, which covers recent deals and policy activity, and see IDEA Chair David Musto's call to action for more diversity in the workplace. Additionally, we recap the events at IDEA's CampusEnergy2023 in Texas that saw record attendance as participants focused on best practices for reducing emissions, retaining resilience and enhancing efficiency.

Some additional highlights and features:

Uninterrupted power in the city that never sleeps
A microgrid at New York's Hudson Yards provides reliability, comfort, and resilience with lower emissions.

CenTrio's downtown district cooling system is 'more economical, more efficient and better for the environment.'

Exciting results and new research from McMaster Innovation Park in Ontario.
Campus energy systems provide scale and a range of solutions.

Decarbonization initiatives dominate discussions at IDEA CampusEnergy 2023.

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FLEXIM services have long been engaged in calibrations of BTU meters. We find many BTU meters with high errors. These meters are often in billing scenarios where accurate metering is important. Why are BTU meters inaccurate in the first place? How do I know if my BTU meter is accurate? Are there any standards governing accuracy for BTU meters?


This webinar, the third I&I webinar collaboration between IDEA and FLEXIM, will attempt to enhance your understanding of the requirements for accurate BTU measurement.

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Get Ready for IDEA2023

We are honored to have CenTrio serve as Host of IDEA2023. This is a big year for the CenTrio district energy system in Chicago, as it is the first time it will be carbon zero. They are excited to share their story with you.

Steve Swinson, CEO of CenTrio has put together a welcome video for the conference and as you can see, there will be much to learn - and much fun to be had - at this year's IDEA Annual Conference.

Start making your plans to join us in Chicago for IDEA2023! Let’s work together towards a sustainable energy future.

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