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The 2023 fourth-quarter issue of District Energy magazine is now available online. As always, District Energy showcases important work being done in North America and beyond. Coverage ranges from policy and project updates to progress on specific initiatives of special interest.
Some highlights:
William & Mary and the University of Georgia honor venerable aspects of the past while building for a better future.
High-tech and residential demand drive a wave of expansion at Énergir CCU
Word-for-word submissions from IDEA's top award winners in 2023.
A potential zero-carbon pathway for institutions committed to curbing emissions.
Full report slated for early 2024 publication; best-practices handbook is online now
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Join IDEA and Thermo Systems for Cybersecurity and Best Practices For Critical Control Systems, now streaming!

Securing a government’s Critical Control System from threats, foreign and domestic requires more in-depth planning than that of a typical control system.
Utilizing the “ISA-95/IEC62443” control map when designing the critical control system ensures that the deployed system will meet the stringent requirements of the government agency. Through this presentation we will provide some best practices that follow the “ISA-95/IEC62443” control map for securing a critical control system.

Stream it Now! Geothermal Symposium

Best Practices in District Energy/CHP: Geothermal Symposium
Now streaming - an in-depth exploration of geothermal design, planning, and implementation. Presenters will lead participants through the technical considerations for site-specific geothermal design, and present a series of real-world case studies to demonstrate the principles in action. 

This symposium will included a review of geothermal technical considerations; the design and planning processes; options and benchmarks for construction and operations; best practices for geothermal project management, and more. Participants will come away with a list of resources they can use in evaluating geothermal technologies for their own systems.
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Two Great Webinars Featuring CenTrio

IDEA recently partnered with Sustaining Sponsor CenTrio for two invaluable webinars that you can know stream.

On Wednesday, October 25 at 1:00 pm EDT, CenTrio Denver took center stage with Transforming Denver's Energy Landscape: Unveiling the Nation’s Largest Sewer Heat Recovery System at National Western Center.

On Wednesday, October 18, at 1:00 pm EDT, CenTrio Chicago delivered  Sustainability Unleashed: CenTrio's Chicago Western Expansion and System Modernization. If you missed it, you can stream it now.


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