Founded in 1909

The International District Energy Association first started as the National District Heating Association (NDHA) in Toledo, Ohio on July 9, 1909 by six attendees at the 14th annual convention of the Ohio Electric Light Association. Since its founding, the association has held onto its original mission, “…to foster and promote the common interest of its members and to advance scientific and practical knowledge in all matters relating to Hot Water and Steam Heating, especially district Central Station Heating.”

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Establishing an International Presence

In 1968, the NDHA became “International” in recognition of its growing membership around the globe, now totaling more than 24 countries. Anticipating the growth of district chilled water systems, “Cooling” was added to the name in 1984. In 1994, the association was renamed again to the “International District Energy Association,” recognizing the economic efficiency advantages and the emergence of combined heat and power (CHP) as an environmentally superior solution.