Critical Energy Infrastructure

Why Invest in Critical Energy Infrastructure?

Urgent action is needed for investment in US infrastructure to modernize and upgrade bridges, roads, and energy infrastructure. Critical energy infrastructure like district energy, CHP, and microgrids should qualify as part of the suite of projects under consideration in the eventual investment package. Investment will create jobs, increase economic competitiveness, build resiliency in communities, increase fuel flexibility and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

District energy, CHP and microgrids are critical energy infrastructure because they bring resiliency and reliability to the grid ecosystem. These systems tend to provide electricity and energy at sensitive campus sites like hospitals, university research centers, first responder and military bases that must operate continuously.


Congressional Briefings

IDEA, the Microgrid Resources Coalition (MRC), and the Environmental and Energy Study Institute (EESI) have held multiple briefings providing policy guidance and showcasing proven technologies and exemplary cases that illuminate the potential for more robust U.S. investment in critical energy infrastructure.

IDEA Infrastructure Inventory

IDEA has been monitoring federal infrastructure investment proposals, and has relied on the cooperation of members to help advocate for consideration of district energy, combined heat and power, and microgrid technologies in an eventual plan. Our members have identified more than 80 economy-boosting critical energy infrastructure investment opportunities with a combined value of $4.175 billion, located in 24 different states in urban centers and communities and at colleges, universities and healthcare institutions. 

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