System of the Year Award

The System of the Year Award (SOYA) is the highest honor IDEA can bestow on a district energy system. It recognizes an exemplary district energy system providing high-level performance and service that further the goals of the district energy industry. SOYA serves to:
 - Provide a global industry benchmark for industry excellence, recognizing systems that illustrate the operational advantages of district energy in providing sustainable, efficient, reliable, and resilient energy services in their communities.
- Provide a platform for sharing ideas, best practices and innovations that have helped to make district energy systems successful. 
- Identify and promote the importance and value of district energy systems in the marketplace relative to other forms of energy generation and distribution.
- Further publicize district energy as a progressive industry that seeks continuous improvement in the services it provides.

IDEA_2020_SystemoftheYear5_Page_1.jpgDeadline to Submit for 2021 is Friday, June 25, 2021

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Award History

IDEA Honors Thermal Energy Corporation (TECO) with 2019 System of the Year Award

Unanimous choice for this prestigious honor, TECO is celebrated 50 years of operation in 2019.


IDEA experienced a record number of submittals and competition from systems around the world.  

For 2019, it was our pleasure to honor Thermal Energy Corporation (TECO) as System of the Year. TECO celebrated 50 years of operations in 2019 and has been an active member of IDEA for over 40 years. Their submission was the unanimous choice of our judges to receive this well-deserved honor.

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Jason Berrio, VP of Operations, TECO accepting 2019 SOYA from Bob Smith of RMF Engineering, SOYA Committee Chair

The head of the industry panel said, ”TECO has demonstrated significant achievements in energy efficiency, coupled with emissions reductions and energy savings for their customers. In addition, TECO demonstrated outstanding levels of reliability and resiliency, even in the face of extreme weather events such as Hurricane Harvey. The selection of TECO was unanimous among the panel, an amazing achievement in light of all the incredible submission. Their submittal excelled on every level of evaluation.” 



Recognizing Excellence in District Energy

Past Winners

2019 Thermal Energy Corporation, Houston, TX
2018 University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX
2017 University of Missouri Columbia, Missouri
2016 City of Richmond, British Columbia
2015 Veolia Energy Boston, Massachusetts
2014 Qatar Cool, Doha, Qatar
2013 Markham District Energy, Markham, ON
2012 Qatar Cool, Doha, Qatar
2011 Enwave Energy Corporation, Toronto, ON
2010 District Energy St. Paul, St. Paul, MN
2009 SOYA Not Awarded, All Recognized – IDEA Centennial Conference
2008 NRG Energy Center Phoenix, Arizona
2007 Consolidated Edison, New York, NY
2006 Metro Nashville District Energy/Constellation Energy Projects & Services Group
2005 University of Cincinnati, Ohio
2004 University of Missouri Columbia, Missouri
2003 Seattle Steam Company, Washington
2001 Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
2000 Consolidated Edison, New York, NY
1999 Enwave Energy Corporation, Toronto, ON
1998 Trigen Baltimore Energy Corporation, Maryland
1997 University of California - Los Angeles, CA
1996 NRG Energy Center Minneapolis, MN
1994 Energy Systems Company, Omaha, NB
1993 District Energy St. Paul, St. Paul, MN