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IREEE International Expo and Conference - MAY 16-18, 2024 

Our friends at the Mongolia Energy Governance (MEG) are hosting the Innovation, Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency International Expo and Conference on May 16 – 18, and your organization is invited contact the conference organizers for potential presentation exhibit opportunities this exiting conference. For IDEA member organizations, this offer may include a booth for the expo, and/or a presentation spot at no additional charge!

To learn more about this opportunity to raise awareness about your organization to an international audience, please contact Enkhjin Munkh-Erdene, MEG’s District Heating and Energy Efficiency Specialist, at MunkhErdene_Enkhjin@abtassoc.com. Please note the registration deadline is May 3, so act quickly if you are interested in attending or participating in this conference!

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Piping Configurations to Improve Pump Performance

May 21, 11:00 AM (EDT)

Pump selection is heavily dependent on the system load, but the piping system plays an important role in how much energy is expended to transport heated or chilled water around a building. In this webinar, we’ll discuss piping system design and the dynamic forces within the system that affect your pump selections.  
Join us Tuesday, May 21st at 11 am EDT, for a fascinating look into these key HVAC components. If you have questions you'd like addressed in the session, please send them in advance via email to info@armstrongfluidtechnology.com  

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Euroheat & Power - June 3-5, 2024 

District heating and cooling networks are one of Europe’s top choices to phase-out fossil fuels in buildings, putting the EU well on track to achieve its climate and energy independence goals. In recent years, unprecedented momentum has built up to support the deployment of this essential energy infrastructure in Europe.

Providing 20% of the EU heat demand with district heating and cooling would save 24 billion cubic meters of gas by 2030, representing 32% of the EU’s Russian gas imports in 2022. To achieve this, major investments are needed to build new district heating and cooling systems, gradually introduce clean, renewable heat sources and modernize Europe’s impressive district heating and cooling network infrastructure.

It’s no small challenge, but it is above all a huge opportunity for the district heating and cooling industry to expand its markets, to innovate, and to drive the decarbonization of Europe’s largest energy consuming sector. Time to meet, do business and scale up the heat transition!

The 42nd edition of the Euroheat & Power Congress aims to provide our business and local communities with all the tools needed to make this happen.

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2024 Geothermal Rising Conference

Mark your calendars now to save the date for the 2024 Geothermal Rising Conference. The GRC is the geothermal industry’s flagship annual conference, reflecting the global nature of the geothermal industry and bringing together people in industry, academia, government, and the general public. 

Click for more information to see the latest details regarding the Call for Abstracts and Panel/Workshop Ideas and other important conference details!

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Heating buildings by burning fossil fuels causes significant emissions of greenhouse gases. Many states already recognize the need to move away from this and have established climate action goals to help.

ASHRAE, with support from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), has developed a series of 17 webinars designed to engage and educate all stakeholders involved in community heat pump system design and implementation. The webinars, bearing 1.5 continuing education credits each, are free.

The ASHRAE / NYSERDA Community Heat Pump Systems Webinar Series is divided into five relevant topic sections. Click on any of the topics to learn more and register.